Ericka’s Real-Time Transformation Journey

Hi, my name is Ericka, I’m a wife, mother of three and a nurse. I’m 55 (almost 56).  I’ve started struggling with my weight since about the age of 50 (you know the age of menopause).  Slowly I started to see the change in my physical appearance and quite frankly, I didn’t particularly like what I was seeing. I’ve tried so many programs, you name it, I’ve tried it.  Weight watchers, fasting, counting calories, avoiding certain foods, at the gym 5 days a week and going for long power walks.   They never had lasting results.  

I started thinking “I guess this is how it’s going to be”.  I started getting depressed, angry, and frustrated, mostly because I kept thinking “how did I get here?”   Then I was introduced to Doug and went to his open house at CT Medical Weight Loss and Beyond, and really listened to what he was saying.  

He talked about weight loss programs with and without medication and shared his client’s results.  Of course, I had doubts because I’ve tried everything and he’s a guy what does he know about a Women in menopause???  It took time to think about signing up but then thought “what do I have to lose.”

I signed up and met with the NP Gabby (she really knows what she’s talking about), she explained the program and helped me realize I wasn’t eating enough food… WHAT??

I never ate breakfast, rarely ate lunch.  Boy, was I doing it all wrong.   Doug met with me also and (He’s a genius) he explained the custom nutrition program and discussed protein and other foods I should be eating.  Both Gabby and Doug explained how my WATER consumption was very important.  Doug put me on a scale that measured my body fat and other stuff.  I’m anxious to see how the numbers change.

Weight: 172.8
Height: 5’2″
Age: 55

Week 1 –  9/2/23

I didn’t do everything Gabby and Doug advised me to do, still thinking to myself “I’m never going to lose weight, this is too much food”.  By the third day I felt amazing and didn’t crave sweets at all and to my surprise, I lost 2.2 sustainable pounds.  I look forward to my meals, feel amazing and I’m finally looking forward to soon feeling comfortable in my own skin.  Gabby did a great job prepping me so there were minimal side effects from the medication.

Week 2 – 9/9/2023

Things are still going really well. I have ramped up my protein intake to at least 90g daily, my water intake is good, my goal is to increase that as well. The only side effect from the medication that I notice is WEIGHT LOSS.. lol

I find myself less hungry, not craving sweets (actually totally fine with passing on them when offered), sleeping better than I usually do!

The trick this upcoming week is to stay on point while on vacation, where I’m not the one preparing my food, but I’ll figure it out.

I sneak peeked at the scale and I am finally out of the 170’s which is what I’ve been trying to do for the last three years and did it eating more food and in only two weeks!! This is GOLD

Week 3 – 9/17/2023

Oooo vacation week……. My thoughts were all about, how am I going to go on vacation and not let my old ways(desert, candy, junk food) take a hold on me?   Well I planned ahead, had my weekly injection labeled and packed, ( until TSA wouldn’t let me take it ). So I stayed positive. I have all the tools already, “I’ve got this” I followed my food plan, got plenty of exercise hiking and drank more than enough water!  I felt fabulous, and had a wonderful time!  Got back home and got on the scale and even though I was four days with my next injection, still lost weight!!!!!!  Win win!!

Slow and steady wins the race, I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything on vacation.  I didn’t even want the junky stuff.  I see my life changes heading in the right direction!

Week 4 – 9/24/23

Here we are in week 4 and I’m struggling a bit.  Doug “The Fitness Professor” said something on his 12:05 live that really hit me, I must ask myself those questions… how did I get here?   Accept responsibility for it!  Forgive myself and move forward with a plan.   I’m stuck with the old thinking of “this isn’t going to work I’ve only lost 6 pounds.”

Then I have a stupid conversation, more like an argument with myself, shut up Ericka it’s 6 pounds in 4 weeks, 6 pounds you’ll never take back if you stay the course, the course isn’t hard!  You’re worth it!  My mantra this week is going to be “don’t give up you deserve this; you deserve to be happy with yourself!  It’s ok to put yourself first for a change.”

Cheers to one week at a time